Bank SWIFT Codes

Bank SWIFT Code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) and it is a unique identification code for a particular bank anywhere in the world.

These codes are used when transferring money between banks, significantly for worldwide wire transfers. Banks additionally used the codes for adding different messages between them.

There is a list of 8 characters’ primary office bank SWIFT codes for all banks that at the moment are working in Bangladesh.

If you want to have 11 characters SWIFT code for a specific branch of a bank, please click the bank name below and you’ll find how to get the exact branch SWIFT code your need.


Bank Name SWIFT Codes
AB Bank Limited ABBLBDDH
Agrani Bank Limited AGBKBDDH
Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited ALARBDDH
Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited BCBLBDDH
Bangladesh Development Bank Limited BDDBBDDH
Bangladesh Krishi Bank BKBABDDH
Bangladesh Small Industries and Commerce Bank Limited BKSIBDDH
Bank Alfalah Limited ALFHBDDH
Bank Asia Limited BALBBDDH
Commercial Bank of Ceylon Limited CCEYBDDH
Dhaka Bank Limited DHBLBDDH
Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited DBBLBDDH
Eastern Bank Limited EBLDBDDH
Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited EXBKBDDH
First Security Islami Bank Limited FSEBBDDH
Habib Bank Limited HABBBDDH
ICB Islamic Bank Limited BBSHBDDH
International Finance Invest and Commerce Bank Limited IFICBDDH
Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited IBBLBDDH
Jamuna Bank Limited JAMUBDDH
Janata Bank Limited JANBBDDH
Meghna Bank Limited MGBLBDDH
Mercantile Bank Limited MBLBBDDH
Midland Bank Limited MDBLBDDH
Modhumoti Bank Limited MODHBDDH
Mutual Trust Bank Limited MTBLBDDH
National Bank Limited NBLBBDDH
National Bank of Pakistan NBPABDDH
National Credit & Commerce Bank Limited NCCLBDDH
NRB Commercial Bank Limited NRBBBDDH
NRB Global Bank Limited NGBLBDDH
One Bank Limited ONEBBDDH
Padma Bank Limited FRMSBDDH
Prime Bank Limited PRBLBDDH
Pubali Bank Limited PUBABDDH
Rupali Bank Limited RUPBBDDH
Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited SJBLBDDH
Social Islami Bank Limited SOIVBDDH
Sonali Bank Limited BSONBDDH
South Bangla Agriculture & Commerce Bank Limited SBACBDDH
Southeast Bank Limited SEBDBDDH
Standard Bank Limited SDBLBDDH
Standard Chartered Bank SCBLBDDX
State Bank of India SBINBDDH
The City Bank Limited CIBLBDDH
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited HSBCBDDH
The Premier Bank Limited PRMRBDDH
Trust Bank Limited TTBLBDDH
Union Bank Limited UBLDBDDH
United Commercial Bank Limited UCBLBDDH
Uttara Bank Limited UTBLBDDH
Woori Bank Bangladesh HVBKBDDH

What is a Bank SWIFT Code?

ISO 9362 (also known as SWIFT-BIC, BIC code, SWIFT ID or SWIFT code) defines a standard format of Business Identifier Codes approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

These codes are used when transferring cash banks, significantly for worldwide wire transfers. Banks additionally used the codes for exchanging different messages between them.

Bank SWIFT codes originally so it is a very important thing. When assigned to a non-financial institution, the code may also be known as a Business Entity Identifier or BEI.

These codes are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers, and also for the exchange of other messages between banks. The codes can sometimes be found on account statements.

Structure of a Bank SWIFT Codes

The Swift code indicates of 8 or 11 characters. When 8 characters code is given, it means to give the primary office. The code formatted as below:

0000 00 00 000

  1. First 4 characters – bank code (letters only)
  2. Next 2 characters – ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code (letters only)
  3. Next 2 characters – location code (letters and digits) (passive participant will have “1” in the second character)
  4. Last 3 characters – branch code, optional (‘XXX’ for primary office) (letters and digits)